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Retractable Chenille Head Duster

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Retractable Chenille Head Duster

Cleaning High Surfaces Have Never Been so Simple!

Trying to reach high surfaces while cleaning is always a challenge. Even so, you'll never be able to remove the dirt altogether.

With the retractable chenille duster, you can dust and clean every surface impeccably. Yes, even the ceiling!


  • Excellent Cleaning Fabric

The chenille fabric is exceptionally absorbent, soaking up all spilled liquids. It also removes dust, debris, pet dander, and other fine dirt particles.

  • Reaches Great Heights

The expandable handle can reach very high surfaces such as the ceiling, shelves, and cabinets.

  • Cleans a Wide Range of Surfaces

The retractable Chenille duster is a versatile piece that cleans virtually any surface.

  • The Retractable Chenille Duster is Simple to Use.

It's as simple as picking up the retractable Chenille duster, stretching the handle, and cleaning. There is nothing complicated here.

  • Detachable Chenille Duster Head

The chenille dust duster has a detachable head that allows you to clean it easily. It attaches and detaches with a twisting motion.

  • The Duster is Simple to Clean.

The chenille duster is simple to clean, requiring only a single soak in soap and water. After a thorough scrubbing, simply hang to dry.

  • It is Light in Weight.

The retractable chenille duster is feathery light, allowing for quick drying after washing.

  • Color and Size Variations

You can choose from two different extender lengths in three different colors: pastel peach, green, and lilac.

  • The Handle is Made of High-Quality Anti-slip Rubber.

The rod has a rubber-holding end that aids in maintaining a firm grip on the chenille dust duster while cleaning.

 How to use

  • Begin by affixing the chenille duster head to the extender.
  • Begin cleaning all surfaces; if they are too high, expand the rod and continue cleaning.

Technical specifications

  • Colors: pastel peach, lilac, and green.


  • Duster width 8cm length 34.5 cm
  • Short rod 56.5- 131.5 cm
  • Long rod 73.5- 240.5cm


  • chenille duster head 54
  • Short rod 167
  • Long rod 244 g
  • Package includes: 1 x Retractable Chenille Head Duster


  1. How do you clean tough stains stuck on the duster?

For best results, soak the removable chenille in mild soap detergent and wash. The stains will come right off.

      2. Can you use it to remove dust from crawl spaces?

Yes, you can. It does an excellent job reaching places your hands cannot get. It completely removes the cobwebs and any dust that has settled in these places.

      3. Can you machine clean the Chenille fabric head?

Yes, you can.

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