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3 Heads Pulse Smart Neck Cervical Pain Relief Massager Remote Control Pulse Neck Cervical Massage With Far Infrared Heating Electric Massager

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3 Heads Pulse Smart Neck Cervical Pain Relief Massager Remote Control Pulse Neck Cervical Massage With Far Infrared Heating Electric Massager
Electric Pulse Neck Cervical Massager With Far Infrared Heating Pain Relief Tool For Health Care 
>>Product Scope
It can promote the local relaxation of local muscles, and achieve the purpose of anti-inflammatory, swelling, analgesia and fatigue. It is suitable for the auxiliary massage of neck pain, shoulder numbness, headache and dizziness caused by vertebral disease.
>>Product Features
1. According to ergonomic design, aesthetic science, in line with the neck curve;
2. Circular traction, high-frequency electric pulse, vibrating massage, hot massage, and integrated synchronous massage form an efficient composite energy field;
3. A variety of automatic combination massage mode, 6 kinds of manual massage mode, can choose 9-speed force adjustment according to different needs, suitable for a wider range of people;
4. 3 kinds of vibrating massage methods cycle.
5. It is operated by remote control and the blue indicator light is easy to operate, clear and clear, and more humanized.
6. The remote control design 360° has no dead angle control and does not need to be aligned with the receiving window.
7. Three-head massage, more comfortable, more intimate, voice broadcast, clear and clear.
>>6 Massage Modes:
Mode 1: Pulse massage, vibration massage, heating warm belly, pulse automatic circulation.
Mode 2: pulse massage, vibration massage.
Mode 3: Pulse massage, heat and heat.
Mode 4: Vibration massage.
Mode 5: Heat the hot pack.
Mode 6: Pulse massage.
Name: Three-head low frequency cervical massage apparatus
Charging Power: 100-240V AC
Hyperthermia temperature: 38-42°C (at 25 °C)
Ambient temperature: +5°C~+40°C
Relative humidity: ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Pulse frequency: 0Hz-1000Hz
Pulse width: 20us~400us
DC component: 0v
The power of a single pulse when the output amplitude is maximum: >7uC
The maximum output energy of a single pulse: ≤300mJ.
Maximum output amplitude RMS: ≤25V (50mA).
Output voltage peak during open circuit measurement: <500V
The effect of open and short circuit at the output: It can withstand the effects of open and short circuits at the output, and its performance must not be impaired.
Adjustment of output amplitude: continuous uniformity, the minimum output is not more than 2% of the maximum output.
Rated load impedance: 500Ω,  ±10%
Surface magnetic field strength: ≥0.01T
Product size: 16*14*9cm/6.3*5.5*3.5inch
Weight: 460g
>>Package Included:
1 x Cervical Massager
1 x Remote Control
2 x Massage Cushion
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
>>Product introduction:
The cervical vertebra massager adopts a streamlined ring design conforming to the physiological curvature of the human cervical vertebrae. It adopts circular traction, infrared thermal moxibustion and vibration massage. The five-in-one synchronous multi-channel massage forms an efficient composite energy field, which reaches the deep tissue and bone marrow of the body. Throughout the massage process, the correct physiological posture is always maintained, providing a scientific platform for correct massage of cervical fatigue. A multi-functional system massage that makes you easy, efficient and enjoyable at home, so you can enjoy more value! This product is only suitable for health massage!

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