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4 Layer 72 Holes Vertical Hydroponic Piping Site Grow Kit DWC Deep Water Culture Vegetable Planting System

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4 Layer 72 Holes Vertical Hydroponic Piping Site Grow Kit DWC Deep Water Culture Vegetable Planting System
Extremely simple to assemble and use, this hydroponic indoor or outdoor grow system is designed for fast, maximum-convenience vegetable gardening. Perfect for beginners! No experience needed.
The system produces high-quality vegetables, herbs, melons, and berries--45-day yields!--that are more nutritious and better-tasting than soil-gardened produce because oxygenated water and nutrients are delivered directly to the roots.
This model can be Ebb and Flow type when using a time controller or a Recirculating Deep Water Culture type without using time controller.

Material: PVC
Color: White
Pipe Quantity: 8
Layer Quantity: 4
Hole Quantity: 72
Pump Voltage: AC 110V
Dimension (L*W*H): 98x60x103cm
1. Conserve water and nutrients: Avoid the loss and infiltration of nutrient and water, will be fully absorbed and utilized by crops.
2. Fully utilize spaces: Soilless cultivation completely freed crops from the soil environment and fullly utilize the more spaces above soil.
3. Clean & Sanitary: Soilless cultivation just need water and nutrient solution to maintain the system. It's smellless and no need of compost site.
4. High yield & good quality: Soilless cultivation can fulfill the production potential of crops. The yield can be increased in multiples compared with the traditional soil cultivation.
5. Easy maintenance: You don't need to hoe, weed, and manage the vegetables as ever. It saves both time and labour.

Warm Tips:
1. This item dosen't include th water tank which is shown in pictures. You can simply find a non-transaprent bucket and cover with a lid to reduce the water evaporation.
2. You may need to prepare some nutrient solution according to 
3. For convenient transport,we ship it unassembledly. This is a easy-to-assemeble kit, just cost little effort to install it.
4. Please put the kit in a sunny and adequate lighting place for at least 4 hours a day. Lack of light will lead to poor nutrition of growing vegetables.
Package Included: (Water Tank Not Included)
1 x Hydroponic Piping System
1 x 110V Water Pump
72 x Planting Baskets & Sponges
1 * Hose

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