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Full Sushi Home Set

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Full Sushi Home Set

Sushi dishes are a very delicious meal if you have the skills to prepare it. The Full Sushi Home Set is the perfect way to create fantastic sushi meals that you can enjoy at home. It is designed for those who want to learn and acquire the art of making sushi. It gives a quick and easy path to master and art to make the perfect sushi. This set is uniquely enhanced to make it usable at home so that you can enjoy sushi even in the privacy of your home. It is perfect for the family when you want to experiment with more exotic dish choices to liven up the menu. 

Creating Irresistible Sushi Rolls and Delicacies 

This set gives the perfect set of tools you need to come up with an authentic sushi meal. It consists of all the tools you need to learn, master, and produce the best sushi meals. This includes a rice paddle, roll cutter, and even a rice frame that is measured in advance. So no longer do you worry about making sushi even as a total beginner. Also, you and your family need to go out to enjoy sushi. This set provides the ropes to get you started. Even if you're a complete beginner who knows nothing about Asian dishes and sushi, this kit will get you set on your way to becoming a master sushi chef. You can make sushi rolls quite easily with this set and you can fill them any delicacy you want such as avocado, pineapple, salmon, and cucumber. 


  • Comprehensives Set with all Essentials 

This kit has an all-inclusive set to make sure you will lack nothing to embark on your sushi creationSo it includes everything including an 11 piece set to help you make different shapes and sizes of sushi rolls. This also incorporates all your favorite ingredients. It also includes a professional knife with the most artful cuts  

  • Recipe Book for Creative Tips 

You won't have to be on your own as you set about to make your sushi. This set includes a recipe book with dozens of sushi ideas that you can try on your own. So you won't run short of ideas to create the most exciting dishes. 

  • Easy to Clean 

It is quite easy to clean and wash after use. The parts are dishwasher friendly to ensure they are always clean for use each time you want to create sushi. 

  •  Full Home Use 

This sushi set means you don’t need to go looking to dine in a restaurant or hotel to get the glorious sushi experience. Right in your house, in your kitchen, you can create fabulous sushi dishes and get the taste of these unique Asian delicacies. 

  • Offers Challenge-Free Experience for your Sushi Cuisine 

Everything you want to ease your sushi creation is considered. This includes making your rice spread easily so this set comes with pre-measured rice to ensure you mix and spread the right amount of rice. The handles are also nonsticky to ensure you don't get sticky rice lining your fingers. Also, we provide a decent roll cutter that gives even cuts for your rolls. 

Technical Specifications: 

  • Weight: 1.1 pounds 
  • Size: 8.5 x 4.5 inches 
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 x Full Sushi Home Set 

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